The Reptile and Terraria Fair in Jutland, Denmark

The Address is "Hedensted Centeret" Gesagervej 70, 8722 Hedensted - DK

Saturday, 2. November 2019 10.00 am - 4.00 pm

The purpose of the Reptile and Terraria Fair is to make a big event in the autumn, where everybody with an interest within the terraria hobby can meet one another once a year.

 At the fair people will be able to sell captive bred animals, accessories and much more. Pet stores will present a huge selection of special animals and goods and associations will be able to get new memberships and support people with advice from their resources of knowledge. People will be able to buy or just experience together with catching a bigger understanding of these interesting animals and their housing and care.

Brachypelma smithi.


What you will be able to see, exhibit and deal in

Animal groups: Examples of animals within these groups:
Reptiles: Tortoises and pond tortoises. Constrictors, grass snakes. Geckoes, chameleons, iguanas, skinks, agamids, lizards, monitors and other lizards.
Amphibians: Toads. Newts. Poisonous frogs, green tree frogs and other frogs.

Stick insects, praying mantis, beetles, feeding animals and other insects. Bird spiders. Millipedes. Crustaceans and other arthropods.

Mammals: Mice, rats and other rodents.
Other animals: Snails and some exotic mammals.

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